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About me

Holly Doughty

The perfect photographer and director

for your next photography project.

Fresh Looks

creativity and collorating

Whether you are wanting to capture a customer experience at a up-scale shopping center or experiencing a luxury vehicle, our team is committed to booking the perfect talent, crew, and location to make your vision come true. When providing lifestyle photography, our most elite team is focused on delivering high-quality assets to your production.

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place


Hello my name is Holly Doughty. I am the owner and Primary photographer of HD Photography. My passion for photography started when I was in high school. I went to local farms and photographed antiques and animals. There wasn't a day that went by that I did not have my camera in hand. Finally I started to realize what I wanted to be in life. “A Photographer.” I then enrolled in the Art Institute of Atlanta for Commercial Photography. I wanted to learn the commercial side of photography as well as the business side. I graduated from The Art institute of Atlanta with a Commercial Photography Degree. I served as an apprentice for several years under many different photographers with many varying styles. I photographed anything and everything. I wanted to learn every aspect of photography there was. I photographed commercial, products, people, landscape, events, etc. After being a second shooter for several years, I then ventured out on my own and started my own company. After several years of operating as a location photographer I was able to open My Own Studio Location. While I photograph in studio now I have not moved away from my roots as a on location photographer. We are based out of Canton, Georgia but we travel to any destination worldwide to capture your moments. I do not limit myself to any particular specialization in photography. The sky is the limit, capturing your most important moments and images are our business. Photography is my passion and capturing your moments is my pleasure. Customer service our top priority, no need is to great, no job is too small. We strive to make every event and outing an enjoyable one. Every client will receive new and unique images to show off. Every image you receive will be a unique and treasured memory. We strive to get to know our clients, with a core belief that personal touches produce the best results. I edit every single picture and manage what my clients see and receive every visit. Our goal is not only to produce the exceptional images you deserve, but an enjoyable experience as well. During my adventures as a photographer I have encounter many different people from all walks of life, as such I have been able to capture so many treasured moments. Each experience has been your gift to me. We strive to do what ever it takes to ensure that you have a great experience and that your moments are forever capture exactly as you remember them. Come to HD Photography and enjoy an experience you can remember forever.


HD Photography Will Contact You Within 24 Hours To Give You A Quote or Talk To You More About Your Ideas of The Photo-Shoot.

Our Studio Location is Open Daily but By Appointment Only!

Please Call or Email Us to Schedule Your Appointment or to Meet with Our Photographer about Your Next Up Coming Project. I am a Photographer in Canton GA. We Photograph at Our Studio Location in Canton GA and On Location / Outdoor Photography at any location of your choice. HD Photography Specializes in Commercial Photography, Interior / Exterior Photography, Product Photography / Catalog Photography, Landscape Photography, Engagement Photography, Wedding Photography, Event Photography which include Company Party Photography, Birthday Party Photography, Ballet Recitals Photography, Concert Photography, Portrait Photography which includes Studio Photography, Outdoor Photography, Business Head Shots, Band / Group Photography, Family Photography, Boudoir Photography, Maternity Photography, Birth Photography, NewBorn Photography, Children Photography, Graduating Senior Photography, and Animal Portraits. HD Photography was estabilished in 2010. We are a one stop Photography Studio. We photograph in Our Studio Location and also On-Location at any locatoin of your choice. Holly is Our Lead Photographer as well as Owner of HD Photography. Holly has two assistants that help her out at big events or weddings. We have grown exspenishal over the course of the past 5 years. Blossoming from one camera and a dream into a multi deminstional photography outfit that has catered to metro atlanta’s best and brightest. We specialize in many fields including Personal Resistantial and Commercial Photography. Our HD Photography client list grows everyday and we have expanded in many different fields of photography such as Commercial Photography, Interior / Exterior Photography, Product Photography / Catalog Photography, Landscape Photography, Engagement Photography, Wedding Photography, Event Photography which include Company Party Photography, Birthday Party Photography, Ballet Recitals Photography, Concert Photography, Portrait Photography which includes Studio Photography, Outdoor Photography, Business Head Shots, Band / Group Photography, Family Photography, Boudoir Photography, Maternity Photography, Birth Photography, NewBorn Photography, Children Photography, Graduating Senior Photography, and Animal Portraits.


Over the course of 8 years, HD Photography has worked with high end magazines, professional models, and massive corporations. We have ventured into fashion photography, working with various models and wild life. We enjoy photographing everything from commercial work, to families, to residental housing. We enjoy hearing newborns crying and chilren running through my studio or on location for portraits sessions. We have completed numerous projects for clients of all shapes and sizes. Varying from small families and intimate couples photography to large scale commercial jobs. From magazine spreads to real estate photography we have covered it all. We do not limit ourselves to any particular specilization. Every wedding event is different, and all of our clients have unique needs. Why should they have the same style in all their photo sessions? Having worked for names such as Amazon, Home Depot, Modern Luxury Magazine, David Tutera, Toyota Forklift of Atlanta, Coke Cola, La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant, you will find yourself in good company.

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me

1. Our customer service is always 110% satifaction. We go over and beyond to make our clients happy and make sure they get what they want. We work with every clients budget. We have customize packaging for every client we have.
2. We edit all our images and give you all your special moments, we do not limit our photography or the images you recieve.
3. We are a one stop shop photography studio, once you find us, you will never need another photography company again. We photoraph residental and commercial photography.
4. We are innovators who are consistently creating new styles and trends. We are a creative team and love to get our clients unique and creative images. We bring a fresh pair of eyes to your family and will look at your family or business in a unique way. We photograph posed portraits and candid shots.
5. We bring a relaxed but fun environment to every photo session. We are hard working and work well with others. We work well with all ages, from newborns to commercial business owners. We go with the flow but still control the environment to make sure we get what you need out of your session.
6. We are professional photographer and have professional high end equipment to make sure you are going to get professional portraits and professional photo-shop re-touched images. We do not edit in bulk, we edit one picture at a time to make sure every image is perfect. We spend as much time editing as we do shooting. We are extensively trained and very experience. HD Photography has spent alot of time and money educating our selves to ensure you recieve new and unique styles in photography. We compose your images and light them perfectly to create a lovely series of images to choose from. HD Photography uses the best camera, lenes, lighting, and props. We have multiple backups to ensure you get the best image quality.
7. Paying Attention to Detail. We will pay attention to the detail of every session. Such as posing and positioning your body and objects around you. Making sure your dress or outfit is smoothed out looking fabulous.
8. HD Photographers are full time photographers and are passionate about what we do. We do not have a second jobs. We are able to focus our full energy and attention on providing stellar service to our clients.
9. We love our job and because of that, you are our life, career, and hobby. HD Photography lives and breathes photography day in and day out. We love every aspect of photography. One of the reasons we do not specialize in a certain photography field is because we enjoy shooting anything and everything. HD Photography is creative and want to show our creativity off in all the fields we enjoy shooting. We love working with Brides and Grooms, Business Owners, Corporate Events, Magazines, Families, and Children of all ages. Our style in photography is very different than most, we do not have a certain style, we customize our style to whoever or whatever we am shooting.
10. We belive its an honor for people to ask us to shoot something for them. It can be photographing some ones wedding or helping a business advertise their business or newborn babies. We want to help you succeed in your business and cherish those images from your sepcial day of getting married for the first time or having a baby and growing of your family. Being a Photographer is Amazing, seeing behind the scenes of

your life and your business growing.

Photography is my passion!