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Need a Wedding Photography Checklist

Here are some great reasons why a photography check list is great for your wedding photography the day of. Check list keeps things organized and things on schedule. The photographer knows what to shoot and the bride knows what she is getting in return. SO….. SUPER IMPORTANT!!


Reasons to Make a Photography Wedding Checklist:

  • The checklist helps control the photography workflow during a ceremony.
  • It is an excellent way for beginners to track the number of shots they take.
  • It ensures the understanding between the client and the photographer.

1. The Checklist Helps Control the Workflow

2. It is an Excellent Way for Beginners to Track the Number of Shots They Take

3. It Ensures the Understanding between the Client and the Photographer

Basic Points of a Checklist:

  • The bride and the groom preparing
  • The outfit of the bride
  • The couple with their best friends
  • The bride going to the altar
  • The couple kissing
  • Exchanging the rings and vows
  • Portraits of the newlyweds
  • Family portraits
  • The accessories
  • The first dance of the newlyweds

Wedding Day Photography Checklist Tips

  • Meet the couple
  • Talk about all non-standard and unusual photos they want to have
  • Guide your clients in the right direction
  • Decide on the wedding photography timeline checklist
  • Discuss the traditions of the wedding and its theme
  • Learn about the subjects of the wedding pictures
  • View the photography wedding checklist as a base
  • Stay concentrated during the wedding

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