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How to choose a Photographer?

How to choose a Photographer?






Hiring someone that knows how to professional light their subjects in a studio environment and on location outside with the sun and shadows. Knowing how to pose is another thing that is a must from a photographer. You have to know who to pose your subjects, no matter how small or large they are or how awkward they are in from of the camera. HD Photography specializes in lighting and posing that is customized to each person. Each person is so different weather its your size or shape or color. So when hiring us, we know what to look for and how to make your images incredible, something that you cherish forever. Loving pictures of yourself is hard but we will accomplish this mission for you by our professional photography. We can help you decide of the best clothes, best backgrounds, etc.. to make sure you get everything looking great for your portrait session.

Sometimes you hear people say “I have been in business for 25 years so i have plenty of experience” – well thats great but sometimes even being in business for that long does not always mean they know what they are doing behind the camera or with their subjects.. It takes a well skilled photographer that has dealt with a lot of people to master this skill. Its about quality not quantity. We love our business and our clients so we want to give you EPIC pictures that you want to share on social media or with friends and family members. We have shot many styles but no style is ever the same. We adapt fast with our environment and our clients because things change all the time. We get to know you before we even take the camera out of the bag. We want to know what makes you laugh and relax and what you do for fun.. Once you are comfortable with us, you become comfortable in front of the camera. You don’t want to be stiff or nervous or shy – because it will show in the pictures.

All these are really important thing when hiring a photographer. Take your time to find the RIGHT photographer. Because once you find the perfect one – you will be with them a long time. So build a connection with them and trust. Your photographer will learn how to shoot you the right way and the right angles and how to get you to laugh and smile for those candid type photos. Here at HD Photography we don’t pressure you into hiring us or to keep hiring us. We love our clients and our clients love us.. We build a lifetime connection with each client and their families.

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