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Why its so important to take pictures on the regular

It is so important to take pictures on the regular. Children change all the time.. People get a little older every day – so having pictures of your grandparents and parents and family is super important to have so you can cherish those moments together and have pictures for many years to come.

Photos tell so many things: They each tell a story that is funny or sad or silly reaction. Taking pictures of your house so your children can remember the house they lived in. or milestone pictures of your children growing up. Special events like weddings, birthdays, seasonal photos like christmas or easter, etc… Having photographs tells generations to come how we lived, dressed, hobbies we did or sports we played.

Document your life – photograph when your wife is having a baby, or gender reveal parties, an anniversary date, renewal of the vows, when your husband is building something for your home. Document your life so you can cherish those memories with your family and friends and social media.

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