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Boudoir Photography Portraits

Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir Sessions Are For Everyone!!! Any women, Any size or shape or age or color!! We love all women and encourage all women to come get these sessions because its life changing!! Not just for your partner to see you so beautiful but for you, because you will feel like a whole new women afterwards. Women of all shapes and sizes come to us for their boudoir images. We love to celebrate the diversity of the human body!  There are many reasons women seek out my services as a boudoir photographer. Whether it is to create a photo album for a significant other, to re-establish self-confidence, to help get over a bad break up, to reconnect sexually with their partners, etc. We have so much pressure from society to look a certain way and act a certain way. We have all experienced the feeling of not being enough for someone or something. Some of us have a constant looming feeling that we are not enough. I hear so much negative self talk from women in my life and it breaks my heart. I’m guilty of it too. The reaction I get to experience when I show my customers the final product is immeasurable. It’s like they finally see how beautiful they are! It makes me SO happy. I want to show you how incredibly beautiful you are! That being you, and nobody else, is what makes you perfect.

We here at HD photography offer our clients a unique, private, uplifting experience that we personalize just for you through our customer care and open communication. Our goal is to have you prepared by the time your session date arrives and, to make you completely at ease by the time your shoot begins and all the way through it. You’re going to have so much fun!

We know Boudoir images can look vulnerable to you.  However, let me assure you that is because we are very good at what we do! While you are here it is of the utmost importance to us you are comfortable. Once you see and experience the setting in which we work you will completely relax, laugh and enjoy yourself! You will leave feeling wonderful saying “That was a blast! I am so glad I did this, I had so much fun!

We feel Boudoir photography and our clients greatly benefit from multiple scene and lighting set ups with attention to detail. We switch out fabrics, headboards, furniture, lamps… to customize your scenes for you. This way you have many different looks in your images which makes your session unique. Confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear! Boudoir photography is for you no matter what your ethnic make-up is, rather you are shy or outgoing, Thin or voluptuous, Tall or petite, Full breasted or small, Curvy or trim, in your 20’s or in your 60’s. You cannot imagine how quickly you will relax, be laughing and having a lot of fun!

When we edit – we edit every image with care and edit everything you want edited. We can tuck in your arms, stomach, back, etc.. We can retouch skin to perfection and get rid of stretch marks or tattoos or birth marks or scars. Editing is an important process in boudoir. We want you to be proud to show off your pictures. We edit your pictures but we don’t edit them to much that you don’t know who you are. Its a natural edit so you still look like yourself but better!!


Wear your partners favorite shirt, or sports team. White T-shirt look. Any Lingerie.

Jewerly, high heels, and hand cuffs and pearls. Bring any props you want to add in. Like a sexy robe. Spanx. skirt and knee highs.

  • Not every outfit has to be lingerie
  • Have at least one bra and panty set
  • Bring high heels
  • Try everything on before your session
  • Brand new lingerie or very lightly worn is best
  • Keep your body type in mind
  • Wear whatever YOU feel sexy in – if you don’t feel sexy in something, you won’t look sexy in it!


Garters and thigh highs

Bring them! They are so sexy and offer many great options for photos of your amazing legs. If you are going to wear thigh highs without a garter, make sure to get the ones with the plastic stay ups so they don’t slip off your leg.

Something of His

If this is a gift for your fiance/husband/boyfriend, then bring something from his wardrobe. This can be one of his favorite ties, a button down shirt, a sports jersey, recreational gear, or his uniform. Anything that makes the images more personal and sexy to him!


Bring those pearls and diamonds to your session! Have a long string of pearls? Those are perfect for draping. Have some stunning diamond earrings? Wear them! They add depth and another level of sexy to your photos. You can easily modify the look of your outfit by changing your accessories. Accessories include jewelry, scarves, hats, stilettos, boots, gloves, fishnets, stockings, garter belts, etc.

High Heels

The higher the better for your session! You won’t be walking around in them so don’t worry about that part. Black is obviously a great choice and goes with anything – the same with nude heels – but anything with bling or anything that is high and strappy is a must bring! Leave your wedges at home this time.

Corsets and Bustiers

These are great options and really make your waist look narrow. If you are smaller than a C cup, be sure to grab the ones with built in support so you don’t look flat chested.

Push up bras

Now is the time to pull out all the stops so don’t leave that push up bra at home. Push up bras give some added support to your girls and look amazing in photos!

Bra and Panties

Bring a varied selection of bra and panty sets. Start with basic black and then add colors and patterns. Bras and panties can be photographed alone or paired with any of the other clothing items or accessories you bring.


A baby doll nightie, teddy and/or camisole are always great choices.  Corsets with thigh high stockings, a garter belt, and heels are super sexy too. Think about what colors look good on you. Maybe even ask your fiance/husband/boyfriend what outfits he likes or what colors he prefers on you.

Casual Attire

Everyday clothing such as sheer tops, jeans or shorts are great choices if going for a more casual look. A simple white tank top or cami are also very versatile and can be paired with many different things!


  • Bring your clothing and lingerie on hangers with a garment bag over the top. Don’t stuff it in a duffel! This will reduce wrinkles and fold lines.
  • Clean the bottoms of your shoes (and feet) just in case they appear in a photo.
  • Cut tags and make sure security devices have been removed from new purchases.
  • The magic of photoshop stops at tan lines. I highly recommend NOT getting a spray tan – as they always streak – and stay out of the sun the week before your session to avoid sun burns or noticeable tan lines. You want your skin to be natural and even.
  • Make sure your mani-pedi is fresh and matches your clothing colors and styles. French tips, golds, and neutral colors look really nice. Avoid bold colors as it will become of the focus of the photo.
  • Opt for lacy, sheer demi cup bras over full coverage t-shirt bras.
  • Come to the session in loose fitting clothes without bras, socks, or panties to prevent dents or lines on your body.


  • Cocktail dress
  • Short robe or wrap
  • Fur jacket or wrap
  • Suit jacket
  • Team jersey
  • Gloves
  • Suspenders
  • Cardigan
  • Fashion glasses
  • Hair accessories

You want to do this right, and every detail should be perfect. If you’re investing time and money into your boudoir session, the last thing you want is to have a rip in

your lace corset or a run in your stockings the day of your shoot. If you have a backup, you can switch, and save the session. Although artistically “distressed” articles can look good in a photo, for most of us, unseemly rips (especially in certain areas) are the last thing that we want.

Also, make sure to bring some makeup along with you, especially if you’re doing the process sans stylist or makeup artist. During the shoot, you’ll want to touch up the look so that you stay looking fresh and glamorous.

It’s no secret that our bodies change over time, we gain weight, we lose weight, we have children, we spend more time at the gym. Some things that used to look great on us just won’t anymore, and some things that we couldn’t quite fit into we will rock now. Also, clothes that have been in the closet or in the drawer for a while, depending on the material, will change with time – thanks to humidity and gravity and us not wearing them. So, if you bring an outfit for your session that you used to love but haven’t worn in a while, you might be in for a surprise.

Instead of dealing with these potential “whoops” moments, take the time to try on any and all potential outfits.

The more you have to bring the better, because options are always good, but you don’t want to make the mistake of bringing a lot of things that aren’t right for you. The day of your shoot, you want to feel confident, sexy, on top of the world. So bring those outfits. And if your closet doesn’t bring that va-va-voom you’re looking for, maybe it’s time to go shopping. You never need an excuse to go shopping, but it’s nice to have one. Your upcoming Boudoir session is definitely an excuse.

No sprays, no gels, no lotions. If you want a natural sun-kissed glow, and if you’re lucky enough to live in or near L.A. head to the beach, get it the right way (but don’t forget to wear sunscreen, SPF 15 or more, and watch out for those ghastly tan lines!), or, even better, book some sessions in a professional salon that has tanning beds, and do it in the nude (no unsightly lines this way). The last thing you want is to a) look like a sexy pumpkin..   lol….    🙂

Wanting to book your session?

These are the steps and the process for your session:
Contact us and ask us any question you have then once your ready to book we will schedule your appointment either through the email or messages on social media or over the phone. Once your booked in. You will come to our studio at that certain time and date. We will shoot your session then we will fill out paper work and get your payment. Then it takes up to two week to get everything edited and we will put it online in a private folder with a password. You will go through all the images and make sure you love all the images. Once you love all your images, we will start making your CD, Prints, And album books for you to come pick up. We can ship these to you or you can come to the studio and pick everything up.

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