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Children Photography Portraits

Children’s Photography 

Children Portraits

I have worked as a professional baby and child photographer for 8 years. Children photography are from 1 year’s old to pre-teen’s. All toddlers and children are welcome to our studio. We love all ages of kids. Child photography is the perfect way to capture beautiful memories at every age! From birthday photos to senior teen portraits. The beauty of shooting children is capturing them as they are, and the best shots are often impromptu. We know there are moments in your children’s lives when you wish you could make time stand still. We do the next best thing. We capture those beautiful, contemplative, funny faces for you and your family to cherish forever. But we go one step further. Whether the essence of innocence or wise beyond their years, it’s our job to portray who they really are. We’ve worked with thousands of kids, from newborns to teens. Each one is distinctive in their own way. That’s why we pour our creative spirit and attention to detail in every single shot we take. We make sure their unique personalities shine through.

“Children don’t usually fake their emotions, which makes their portraits stand out.” We often take our time with children’s portraits, let them warm up to us and we play with toys or talk about a tv show, etc.. We want true emotions, not all fake smiles and emotions. We are always ready for candid moments, as children are best photographed when they are smiling, laughing, or playing in their natural environment.” Sometimes children do better on location outside then in studio – when they are outside they can run and play and be natural but studio is more confined so something they don’t open up so easy like they would outside. Studio portraits are great but depending on the age of the child and what they are in to, i may suggest outside pictures.

Throw out the pose guide

“Throw your ‘pose guide’ out the window and let them be who they are. If they aren’t getting your idea, just move on to something else. And if we set up a shot, we always shoot it, even if it’s not perfect – otherwise the child may think they’re making a mistake and tense up in later shots.” We pose them then let them do what they want to do. From age 1 to about 6, posing is very hard and awkward for pictures with kids. So keeping in natural is always the way to go. And they get bored so fast so alway keep them moving and we shoot pictures fast and go with the flow. We shoot and pose and move onto the next thing, we done keep trying and trying and trying and trying because if you do this, the kids just get mad or cry or feel to much pressure and won’t do it. So its easier to keep going to the next thing.

We always try to speak their language. Being silly and carefree and playful.. We may ask a lot of questions but we are trying to get to know your child so we know what makes them happy and what they are in too. I also become a bit of a kid, letting loose, joking and goofing around. I try to make them laugh by singing songs, or I dance for them. If I want them to look at me, but not really pose, I tell them a story while I’m clicking away. It sounds obvious, but remember that you’re likely to be much taller than your subjects. Don’t spend all your time looking down on them – get on the floor and shoot the subject.

Unless I’m working with a professional child model my shoots are never longer than an hour. I’m always watching for the signs they are done – pushing a child beyond that point doesn’t benefit anybody and it will be HELL TO PAY!!! You don’t want to ever push them to far with pictures and smiling because they will learn when the camera comes out, that they hate the camera and smiling and they won’t want to come to a photography studio because its a bad place that forces them to do things they hate. So never push a ton with your child with the photographers. Sometimes the kids are not in the mood for pictures and sometimes they love it and are super happy and will have fun i the camera. With children pictures – you never know what your going to get so go with the glow. I have had some kids that do great and we get like 200 smiling photos then the next time we shoot the same child, i get maybe 25-50 because they are not feeling it, or getting sick, or they are hungry or whatever that is making them no happy at that day and time. Always make taking pictures fun for kids so they want to come back.

Make everything fun. I talk about having a conversation with the children I photograph, but I’m always being a bit silly as well. No matter what I shoot that day I want them to go home with a smile on their face, excited to see the photos. We have to genuinely love engaging with children to do this. Our number one objective is to make them have fun. Once they are enjoying themselves they will give you priceless moments.

Taking the session outdoors gives children the chance to play, relax and express themselves in beautiful, natural light. Of course, we also have a traditional indoor studio for more formal shots.
Start capturing those special moments in your children’s lives by booking an appointment now with HD Photography.

Child Photo Services

Child photography is the perfect way to capture beautiful memories at every age! From birthday photos to senior portraits. We can help you and your family celebrate important milestones and create lasting photo keepsakes.

At our warm and inviting studios, we can help you create priceless memories of every special moment, including:

  • Newborn Portraits
  • Sibling Photos
  • Birthday Portraits
  • Graduation Pictures

Come prepared.

Make sure that you bring the essentials, such as a favorite blanket, wipes, and pacifiers, to keep your newborn comfy.

Timing is everything!

Take your newborn’s sleep and feeding schedule into account when booking a portrait session. Our photographers often suggest booking an appointment right after feeding, when your newborn is ready to take a nap.

Choose picture-perfect clothing and accessories.

For newborn portraits, we often recommend light-colored clothing. White and pastels help to bring out your baby’s delicate complexion. We also recommend bringing a beanie, a stocking cap, or even a cute headband for contrast.

Join in your newborn’s photo shoot.

Since there are never any sitting fees, parents are welcome to join in the newborn portrait session. If you would like to include shots of Mom and Dad holding the baby, keep in mind that your hands will be prominently featured. Our photographers often suggest getting a light manicure before the session so that your hands are just as soft and delicate as your newborn.

Capture every milestone.

Your newborn’s milestones are important! While you are at the studio, it can help to go ahead and schedule future sessions. Most parents like to capture memories of their babies at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year.

Family Photo Services

Family photos from HD Photography provide you with the opportunity to record all the important moments. Whether you’re welcoming a new member to the family, visiting with Grandma and Grandpa, or just want to capture another year together. The professional photographers at HD Photography help your family create lasting memories with our high-quality family photo sessions. We work with your family to create stunning images that you can appreciate for years to come. As families grow, it can be a challenge to get everyone in the same place at the same time. Family photos are a great way to bring your entire family together. Our professional photographers recommend that large groups coordinate their outfits to create beautiful and timeless family photos. Extended family photos and generational portraits provide you with the opportunity to reconnect and share some special memories with your family members. Schedule a family portrait session in conjunction with your next family reunion or gathering.

Maternity Photo Services

HD Photography knows that pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life and we’re here to help you spread your good news and create lasting memories with maternity portraits! We help expecting mothers capture perfect maternity portraits and in feeling beautiful while posing.

Life goes by in a flash. Don’t let these special years go by without capturing them. This is why you need a photographer. I carefully plan each session and make sure you have special family photos to keep forever.  Whether it is from the moment they are born or the teen years.  Don’t wait another day!’







Natural light photographer capturing memories

Creative Baby & Maternity Photography. Digital images with every session! Commercial Photography



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