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Easter Photography Portraits


Spring mini sessions are never complete without the Easter bunny!

Nothing brings out children’s excitement like animals. Imagine bringing your baby or children to have their portraits taken and they find a live bunny in the studio! Their faces brighten, smiles are wide, they can’t wait to hold the bunny and smile for the camera. Boys, girls, and kids of all ages will enjoy having their picture taken with a live bunny for their Easter photos.

It’s time for the bunnies!!! I am so excited about these sessions, I cannot wait to see all of the cute faces and meet some new ones too!!

Each year we have baby bunnies, baby chicks, and baby ducks for each pictures. Easter and spring photos are such a great time for pictures. Our studio does easter pictures inside our studio because we don’t want the little animals to run away. Going on location outside is hard to try to manage children and animals all at the same time so we let the animals run freely in our studio during the easter sessions. Each easter sessions we have are private sessions. Each person gets a 1 hour photo session with the live baby animals. If for some reason your child doesn’t like animals or is allergic then we have a back up plan. We use all kinds of easter props and fake little rabbits for the pictures. The photo set ups we have for pictures are always so much fun. We have a ton of props. We photograph posed pictures and candid pictures. All ages are welcome for pictures. We can do just the kids or we can add in family photos too. We use baby animals for all our photo shoot because they are super cute but they are full of energy and love to be loved on. There nails are not sharp and  because they are small, children are more likely to go to them. If you get big bunnies or ducks, they usually scary the kids and the kids are scared to hold them and they can be more aggressive. The rabbit nails can scratch so thats why we use babies. Like all animals, they can poop on kids, bite them, scratch them, pee on them, peck or nibble on them. We have carrots and lettuce during our sessions so they want the food instead of humans lol… All sessions are private so if your children are scared or isn’t wanting to do pictures, then we should have plenty of time to work with them and slowly get them to smile and get comfortable with the set and the animals for great pictures. We don’t just throw the animals on their laps and start shooting. We let the kids warm up to the animals and we will hold them and let them pet the animals till they feel like they can do it by themselves. We sit the kids down and put the animals in their laps or beside them and we stay with the animals for a couple minute to ensure the child and the animals are all safe. Once your child is laughing and loving on the animals and feels comfortable with them then we start taking pictures.

Our sessions are 1 hour so we will shoot for 1 hour then we will download all the images to our computer and let you view all your pictures and pick out what you want to take home such as CD’s or prints, etc.. once you choose your package you will pay and fill out paper work. Then It takes 1 week to get the images edited. Once all the images are edited and printed, you will come to our studio and pick up your stuff or we can ship your items to you.

Each year we have a different set up for pictures. Below are some examples of the sets we have had over the years:

Bonnie Sale Sessions

Flower garden with duck pond Sessions

Butterfly Garden Sessions

Rustic Country Chic Barn Sessions

Carrot Garden Sessions

Working with a live bunny and kids is always interesting and we always get such beautiful shots of them both interacting together. When there is a live bunny in the photo studio, there doesn’t need to be a lot of emphasis on props. Your children’s expressions and the furry bunnies will be focus enough. We have many different Easter props that will enhance and add character to the photos. It can be very rewarding to let your children play with the live bunnies and catch some more spontaneous moments. When your children have the opportunity to pet, kiss, or hold a bunny, their expression will fit the moment. You can see below some of our most popular and natural poses. We can create photos that are funny and exciting, cute and precious, or quiet and beautiful, from full body photos to touching close-ups.

Studio easter spring mini sessions – studio easter mini photo sessions

live baby lamb easter sessions

live baby lamb spring pictures

live baby ducks easter pictures

Easter Spring Mini-Sessions!!! Booking NOW! {Child Family Easter bunny Photographer | Canton, Woodstock, Roswell GA

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Easter / Spring Mini Sessions, GA, Atlanta family and children’s photographer, Outdoor spring family photos, Bunny Photos

I am so excited about this year’s Spring/Easter mini session setup! Come, relax, and let me capture some timeless photos of your precious children!

Atlanta GA Photographer – Atlanta Family & Children’s Photographer

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Hop on over to the studio for an Easter/Spring mini session

Easter minis are always so much fun with live ducklings or baby chicks

easter sessions with live baby bunnies

mini easter sessions with live baby bunny

hort and sweet, these mini sessions are just right for busy families to get a few beautiful pictures without doing the “full” photo experience.

2 0 2 0   M I N I   S E S S I O N   E V E N T   P R I C I N G

Easter Studio Minis

Christmas Studio Minis

Christmas Tree Farm Minis

Spring – Easter mini Sessions with a live bunny

Easter Bunny Mini Session | Easter pictures | Atlanta Portrait Photographer

Easter mini sessions

Easter Photographer

Easter Portraits

Live animal easter Photographer

Live bunnies

Live Bunny

Live Duck and chicks easter pictures

Best Places to Get Pictures with Live Bunnies for Easter

Easter pictures with live animals – easter mini sessions


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