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Real-Estate Photographer

HD Photography Specializes in real estate photography. We have photographed hundreds of homes all across Georgia. We photograph all properties and homes. We shoot commercial and residential photography. When you hire us, we photograph the interior and exterior of everything you need an more. HD Photography also shoots dusk and sunset and sunrise speciality hero shots. If you are wanting twilight night photography of your home, look no further. We also can photograph your property with our FAA Approved drone and license.

We have standard real estate pricing for regular homes but if you want any speciality stuff like twilight photos, drone photography, or pano shots we can always add those onto your package. HD Photography has been photographing real estate for almost 9 years now. We photograph big open wide angle shots and close up detailed shots.

We have fast turn around – we shoot and edit and digitally send you everything within 24 hours. I have below a little short video of some of the houses we recently have photographed for realtors and agents. And i have below that, our pricing sheet.

How to Prepare


  • MAKE all beds
  • CLEAR bedroom table tops, dresser tops and desks
  • CLEAR bathing supplies from tubs and showers
  • CLOSE toilet lids
  • CLEAR bathroom and kitchen counter tops
  • HIDE indoor and outdoor trash + recycle bins
  • UNCOVER grills and outdoor furniture
  • Turn-ON all lights interior and exterior
  • Turn-OFF all ceiling fans, television and computer/laptop screens
  • REMOVE all vehicles from the driveway and do not park directly in front of home
  • HIDE pets and their belongings (we love pets but not all buyers are pet people)

You Need Amazing Photos to Sell YOU!

Sure, that house with poor images eventually sold, but think about what those photographs did for the agent’s reputation as an industry leader. What did they say about the brand they were trying to put forward? What did they say about the quality of services the agent is providing for the fees received? Do you want to be seen as the agent that goes above and beyond in every aspect of the listing, starting with the best possible media presentations available?

If the answer is yes, then you need photography and video content, marketing materials and social media presentations that will match your brand – Each and every listing should not only be selling the property you represent, but it should first and foremost be selling YOU and YOUR brand.


  • REPLACE all non-working light bulbs
  • REMOVE notes, photos and papers from refrigerators, desks and in-boxes
  • REMOVE piles of newspapers and magazines
  • REMOVE clutter from rooms that may be excessively furnished/decorated
  • REMOVE all garden tools, MOW and RAKE yard
  • SWEEP/BLOW driveways, decks, sidewalks, patios and pool areas

Please inform us of any features of the home you would like captured that are not apparent.

We will capture the home as found upon arrival. Blinds and doors may be opened or closed for compositional purposes. We do not move or stage objects.

Many buyers or renters won’t even come to see a property in person if they can’t first watch a video walk-through.

Video content also ranks much higher in search results as the internet craves video. Some estimates say that video will outrank photo content by two to one very soon. You need every edge you can come up with to rise to the top of listing searches and social media. Professional photography for your real estate listings is a must.

Sell Homes Quicker With Professional Photography & Virtual Tours

In today’s Real Estate market, the first thing potential clients look at when searching for a new home are photos. With our services, you can not only provide professional photography, but go above and beyond their expectations with a virtual tour.

Virtual tours provide an audio-visual experience to each and every one of your buyers. Our production team will create tours that showcase the most important aspects of a home from a buyer’s perspective. This includes a full in-home and outdoor tour of the property as well as drone footage of the location of the property.

Because clients will be able to view their future home from the comfort of their current home, you will create a more relaxed experience for the buyer. Stay ahead of your competition by giving clients a feel for the property and its surroundings before they even step foot inside!

Aerial Imaging Services – Capture your listings and marketing from above…

In today’s real estate and rental market, renters and buyers are well aware of aerial photography, and if you don’t offer it for your listings and marketing campaigns you may lose their interest. Because they know it exists they now have come to expect it, so if you don’t have aerial images of your listings they might move on to another page just for that simple reason.  Aerial images are perhaps one of the best ways to highlight a property and its features, landscaping and size of lot as well as how it fits into a neighborhood and its proximity to amenities. Drone photography has changed the way we have access to aerial views of Georgia. With this in mind, it is now more affordable than ever to get a perspective of the landscape that will not only put the wow factor in your listings, but give you a competitive edge in a very competitive market.

Rental Listing Photography

Professional images can help you rent a listing faster.

This goes as well for the North GA area and florida area its seasonal and annual rental listings and leases, which need a little extra boost when it comes to renting quickly; Seasonal rental listings have a shorter window to attract attention from the right tenants and you need professional images  of the property that showcase the space as a renter would like to see it. High quality rental listing photography can lead to shorter time on the open market, attract better renters and increase the value of your property.

Property Managers

High-End luxury condominiums, modest-yet-profitable smaller units and single family homes might seem to be in opposite corners of the Georgia Real Estate market, however, they all share a common trait: they are all in high demand as seasonal rentals and annual leases. And no matter what the value of your rental listing, you need to make it stand out to potential tenants. Many property managers in GA think that only their high-end luxury rental properties are worthy of professional rental listing photography, but this could not be further from the truth. High quality images help you get ahead of your competition.

Studies have even indicated that rental properties put on the marketplace with low-quality imaging can take up to four times longer to be leased when compared to those marketed with professional photography.

Elevate Your Listing with Zillow 3D Home – STAND OUT WITH SELLERS. CAPTIVATE HOME BUYERS – Get noticed. Listings with a 3D Home tour are labeled with a unique tag that helps them stand out from standard listings.

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