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Free Cancer Patients Photo Sessions at our studio for christmas

This year we decided to do a Cancer event at our studio. We offered Free sessions to all cancer patients going through treatment. It was such a magical thing. We had so many families that signed up and they brought their families, pets, kids and friends. It was so fun and so heart warming for us to do their pictures and for the cancer patients to have pictures for free for christmas. It was unlimited pets and people. We didn’t want to limit any of the families coming in so we let them invite anyone they wanted too.

We did free photo shoots for all cancer families and we sent all the pictures to them for christmas through their email. They all got digital copies of all the images we shot during their session. We had all ages of people that had cancer, from children to elder people. Any cancer patient that had cancer could of came. We had bone cancer, stomach colon cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, and skin cancer come for pictures for christmas.

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