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Fresh 48 Hospital Photography

Fresh 48 sessions can be at the studio, your home, or at the hospital. Usually they are in your hospital where you had the baby at. We will photograph the hospital, the room you were in, the baby and family pictures, document the baby and the new mommy, breastfeeding sessions, daddy holding baby for the first time or family members and friends holding the baby for the first time. These sessions are so fun and so relaxing. All you have to do is hire us and we cover everything for you including the birth photography if you need that too. We pose and do candid moments. We can photograph anything or anyone you want us too. We give you a shot list of things you might want way before the birth so we know what to shoot once we get there. These sessions are so magical no matter what kid you are on.

Call us or text us to let us know we need to go to the hospital. We have some mommies that want to put some make up and fix their hair a little before sessions or we can photograph you all natural and how you are. You want to photograph all the moments even if your not feeling so beautiful. You just gave BIRTH so its all expected. You can wear your own wardrobe or wrap or the hospital gown.

We will photograph every inch of your baby. All the hair and wrinkles and details that will slowly fade away as they grow up. There little eyes, lips and ears and feet and belly are always so cute to photograph. These are your FIRST family picture with your new baby so these will be so important to your photo collection of your new life with this sweet little angel. These sessions are done after the baby is born and before the family leaves the hospital/birth center. I stay for about an hour and capture those tiny details and the beginnings of the parents bonding with baby. Often times, this is also when siblings and grandparents come to meet the new baby. It’s always a room full of love and smiles.


This is super important! You want to remember those…

  1. tiny toes
  2. little fingers
  3. wispy hair
  4. the ears
  5. feeding
  6. in-laws
  7. parents
  8. grandparents
  9. siblings
  10. the lips
  11. the going home outfit
  12. hospital details and room details
  13. hospital tags or behind the scenes of what is going on

Is Birth Photgraphy Worth It?

Birth photography is beautiful, but it is not for everyone. I can assure you that the images I capture during birth sessions are cherished by the family, especially mama. After giving birth, a mother most likely forgets the details that helped bring her baby into this world. Her beautiful new child is all she cares about at that point. The images captured during a birth session will help to fill in the spaces of her memory of that special day.

When Should I Schedule My Fresh 48 Session?
Scheduling is suggested as soon as you know you want one. I suggest 3-4 months prior to your due date to ensure availability. I typically only accept 1-2 sessions per month.

When and Where Will it Take Place?The session will take place at the place of delivery (hospital, home, or birthing center) They are scheduled within the first 48 hours after delivery during daylight hours.

What do you think makes Fresh 48 so special?
Fresh 48 is special because there are very few (if any) things more raw, important and emotional in life than having a baby.  For a lot of moms and parents the first couple of hours and days after delivery can be a blur because of all the changes, actual labor and post delivery. I want you to REMEMBER how beautiful the two of you looked as brand new parents. I want you to REMEMBER how it felt to look at your brand new baby and to DETAIL how fresh and new they looked just coming into the world. There’s nothing like it.

Do I need permission from the hospital?
Please ask and ensure photographers are allowed. In almost all cases they are treated as just a visitor so it’s generally okay.

Can I book a Fresh 48 and Newborn session?
Yes, please! They are perfect compliments to each other. One is no substitute to the other. Check out our newborn sessions portfolio

Do you do actual time of birth photos or just after?
Just after! Birth photography is amazing, but currently my schedule does not allow for me to accept birth sessions.

How long will you be there?
Approximately 1 hour.

Do you charge by time spent at site or a flat rate for “session”?
Fresh 48 sessions are all-inclusive. For pricing information please contact me.

When do you think is the best time for photographs?
It’s great to do them the day of if possible, but sometimes moms are feeling more up to it the day after since they have had a little time to rest.

When should I contact you to come?
I require you contact me (or someone does) after you go into labor so we can ensure availability for the suggested time-frame.

What if labor takes longer than expected? It’s cool! Just let me know when your little bug arrives and we can schedule from there – regardless of labor length.

What is documentary style?
Basically, it’s visual storytelling. There is little to no posing involved and the intention is to capture subjects naturally. It means that I’m not likely to interrupt a beautiful moment to move one hair out of your face or tell you to tilt your head a different way, and that’s okay. Don’t worry, I will still help guide the session but you will hear me saying “pretend I’m not here”.

What if my baby needs to be in the NICU?In this event we will stay in touch and it is handled on a case-by-case basis. We may need to work with hospital staff to find out what we are and aren’t able to do. In the event that I am unable to photograph the Fresh 48 as planned due to these circumstances your deposit will be applied to a future session.

Anything special (regarding the photos) I would need to bring with to the hospital?
Babies look great in just a diaper or a white onesie. Pack an extra shirt for dad just in case (grey, white, black or neutrals look best) and if you’d like basic makeup such as chapstick, mascara and blush. You certainly don’t need to wear makeup for the session but some moms like to freshen up a little.

What if deliver early?
Contractually I am on-call and available to you for 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after your estimated due date. If you deliver earlier than that time-frame I will make every effort to still be available to you.

If you can’t make it due to strange timing or an unexpected emergency medical problem, will I get a refund?Certainly! A full refund of your deposit will be given in this situation or applied towards a different session type.

Will hospital staff be in the pictures?
My intention is to photograph immediate family, so in almost all cases, no.

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