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Smash The Cake 1st Birthday Photo Sessions


Our smash cake sessions are so fun. We shoot these sessions in our studio or on location outside. We provide some birthday props and a BIG #1 prop but you are more than welcome to bring anything to your session such as cake, balloons, props and decor. You can have a theme or just keep it plain.

Our sessions are usually an hour. We do a 30 minute session of just the baby or babies for regular pictures and birthday pictures then the next 30 minutes we shoot smash cake of them having fun smashing and eating and having fun getting messy. BRING LOTS OF BABY WIPES!!! Some babies do smash cakes in diapers or diaper covers, etc..

Some children hate cake and some love cake. So its always fun to see what the kiddos will do with the cake. You can do big cakes, cupcakes, or even donuts. Some times kids are not sure about the cake or getting messy so we will encourage them and help them if they get shy or don’t know what to do. Once they know its okay to get dirty and messy and eat it, then usually they go all in! Stay simple with the cake, don’t go all crazy with the flavors, keep it simple – chocolate or vanilla are always best. Vanilla is always a winner. Bring something to drink with you in case they get thirty with the cake. Try not to feed them before their session so they are hungry for cake. You can give them a light snack but try to hold off so they want the cake.

  1. pick out a great cake
  2. pick out a smash the cake outfit
  3. get prepared for decor and props
  4. prepare for a big mess and cake be everywhere
  5. have fun!!

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