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Milk Bath Photo Sessions

Milk bath sessions are for maternity portraits and newborn portraits. We go to your home for these sessions so you are in your own environment and comfortable. We can recommend you to use tulle or lace, they are pleasing to look at and will not strongly contrast with the milky background. You can also take a photoshoots without clothes and use milk as a cover. The tub is desirable to be near the window, and to be lit by a natural light. The tub should be large, so that that you feel comfortable and its possible to diversify the background with different decorations. If you don’t have a large bath, you can buy a children’s pool and cover it with a white cloth or tarp. You can even rent a hotel room with a large tub in it. You have to be flexible and be able to do different poses in the tub. Its not always comfortable but we try to make it easy as possible for you.

When designing a milk bath for a client, I pick a color theme and then I start shopping. I use a combination of real flowers and synthetic or silk flowers from the craft store. Trial and error will help you figure out what floats. Real flowers typically float, while synthetic and silk flowers usually sink. If you want the synthetic flowers to float, you can Scotchgard them to make them water-resistant, but some will sink anyway. You can spray them before the shoot, but for best results, you should spray them the night before or even earlier. Take extra care to coat the bottom of the flower, which will actually be resting on the water. You can also use just greenery in the tub, with no flowers.

We advise you to use real milk. You can fill the bath to the level you need and then add 2 gallons of milk to it. If you think this is not enough, then to increase the effect and obtain a cream color, you can add a little milk powder. But even a small quantity of milk will give a pleasant shade to water. For diversity, you can also buy safe food dye to take colored milk bath photography. You shouldn’t need more than 2 gallons of milk but if your tub is big then i suggest buying 3-4 gallons. 2 gallons are for normal size tubs. We think we need to start with milk, as this is the main ingredient. Different photographers advise using different milk: whole or coconut milk, heavy cream or milk powder. In the fact, any milk that you find can cope with the task. We recommend taking the cheapest milk (2%). 

We recommend removing women between 31-33 weeks, so that the changes in the figure are noticeable and there were no unforeseen situations during the photoshoot. It is also important to ensure that there is a suitable make-up and hairstyle. 

You can do pink milk baths or blue milk baths if you just don’t want a standard white milk bath. GET CREATIVE WITH IT!!!!

Milk bath photography with newborn

These sessions are great but with any newborn there is always ways it can not be the greatest. They can poop or spit up or even cry if the water is to cold. Most newborns love being with their mommies and love water but we always like to warn people because this has happened and will happen. We will try to book around feeding times with your babies if you want them in your session. You can breastfeed or just cuddle with them in the bath, its all up to you.

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