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Bubble Bath Sessions

DID YOU SAY BUBBLES!!! Well there is alot of them!! Ages newborn to 3 years old. These sessions are in our two bathtubs, we have a old timey tin bathtub and a classy white clawfoot tub. We provide all the bubbles and the duckies and tubs. Just bring your babies and their outfits if they are wearing any and we will have a blast splashing around in the water. These sessions can be in our studio or outside in a private field. Most babies love WATER so if your baby is a water baby then bring them, this is a perfect session to get cute laughing and smiling photos that are candid moments that are real and natural and beautiful of your babies! You can bring props with you if you want to add in a personal touch, if you have your own bath toys or other things you want to bring. We run specials on this every year and its so much fun every year we do this! We alway get amazing shots from each session – what could go wrong? Babies, bubbles, and rubber duckies, and water!!!! Nothing but smiles!

Some people do this sessions after their smash cake photo sessions. Once we have the fun cake smashing pictures we will let them have fun in the tub washing the cake off of them! Add this onto your smash cake session.

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