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Everyone needs pictures with each other, showing off how much you love each other and your personalities and the bonding you two have together as a couple. Most of our sessions are outside on location. Even your pets or kids can get in these photos.

Some couples do serious intimate romantic photos, some are goofy and silly, some are dressed up like a theme like cosplay or even fancy business attire. Show off who y’all really are as a couple, even if its boring or funny or weird. We are here to document your lives so you can share these images with ours such a friends and family and social media. and even print stuff for your office desk or house walls.

We want lots of kissing and hugging and laughing and smiling and romantic looks, etc… for all the photos!

This is your biggest opportunity to become comfortable in front of the camera.

Odds are, neither you nor your partner are professional models for a living. (But if you are, you’ll be just fine.) That’s why it’s important to get a “test run” before your wedding day where the photos will likely feel more significant. Not everyone feels natural posting in front of a professional photographer—especially when it comes to taking candid or romantic shots with your partner—and an engagement session should feel, in part, like practice. By having an engagement session, you’ll learn how to relax, feel at ease and even look less tense and awkward in your real wedding photos. That’s pretty important. 

Even for couples that take selfies all the time – that easy to do when its just you two or by yourself. When you add in a photographer its a little harder to get those same faces.

FIND A PHOTOGRAPHER!!! – Get some that can make your smile or laugh or have a great time so your photos look great and real and natural.

Even for couples that just need updated photos thats not engagement pictures. This goes for you too!! Its harder than it looks. It takes time. We know this sounds weird but make sure you come to your photo shoot very happy with your partner, we want good positive, fun moments.

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