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Competition is high and keeping up with technology isn’t always as easy as it looks. However, in order to stay in the game, all aspects count, most importantly the photography involved in the presentation of the listing. The quality of your photos play a lot on the leads you make and the decisions of your customers. Especially since 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual.Only 35% of agents use professional photographer. Get one up on your competition. However, I get that it’s not easy finding the right photographer to photograph what you want, when you want. Several problems arise when considering a professional photographer. Without having special knowledge of photography, how can you be sure you’re choosing the right photographer at the right price? Beyond that, it isn’t necessarily easy to set aside the time needed to undertake a tedious search for an available and effective photographer. If you don’t know what criteria you need to find the right person, remember these points:

Photographers Experiences, Listening and understanding, post-production, the price, lighting, style, how do they edit the photos, how you receive the images, how many images your getting each house,

Hire us for all your real estate listings. WE WILL TAKE THAT WORRY AWAY!! We have been photographing real estate for 10 years now and can upload to MLS & FMLS & anything else you many need. We even offer real estate listing video tours. We photograph the whole property – interior and exteriors photography. Even close ups if you need it.

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