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How to pick the RIGHT Wedding Photographer?

Selecting a wedding photographer is an essential part of the planning process. But unlike your flowers or catering, the photographs from your wedding live on long after the day. It can be difficult to find a photographer who matches your aesthetic and taste —not to mention someone you trust to really capture the most important moments.

Will they take the right shots? Will we work well together?  Will they do what they say they will? Do your homework and set up meetings. See full wedding album portfolios – not just the pretty pictures they want to show you. See all the photos from the wedding – good and bad photos. You need to plan the before wedding pictures like engagements, pre-wedding getting ready pictures, ceremony and reception pictures.

Here are some great steps in finding how is right for you and your partner.

Find someone that has been in business for a while and that knows how to shoot weddings professional and takes their photography professional. You want someone that is serious about their business and work and pictures so they can take you serious – never hire friends or family or someone that just picked up a camera or running cheap specials on social media or needs experiences!! The list goes on and on…. Hire someone you can get to know and trust and will be in business for a long time. You want to trust the person that is going to capture your wedding day so you know your going to get AMAZING photography.

Ask around – word of mouth or people you know that just got married

Check out all their social media sites and website to see all the work they are do. Meet them in person and look at portfolio prints and books. Make sure they can photograph all your styles and lighting situations. Such as night photography, sparkler pictures, harsh lighting situations, etc.. Pick someone that knows their lighting so you don’t have weird lighting or shadows.

Meet them first – before the wedding so you know that you like them and can work with them. Meet them and tell them everything you need and see if its a good fit. Just don’t pay them and then never see them again till the wedding. Get to know them and their work and give them updates and photo ideas you might have such as pintreast boards, etc… READ REVIEWS AND RECOMMENDATIONS!!! These are so important – read the good and bad ones. DONT SETTLE, Pick the right person!

Don’t always listen to your vendors – or venues. They will want you to hire who they think is a good fit and sometimes that doesn’t work well. So HIRE who you want to HIRE!! Its your wedding day! Make sure your photographer listens to all your needs and request without any talking you out of it speeches. Get what you need and what – Don’t go cheap or the cheaper because we all know – we get what you pay for!!! ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!! Don’t be cheap on your photographer. The photographs are the only thing from your wedding day that stays with you forever.

Agree on the Contract and timelines and packages and pricing! There are a few critical things to keep in mind before you sign a contract. Most importantly, when will the photographer provide the final images? Be clear about the timeline so you know what to expect. If you’re getting married in the fall, do you want your photographs by the holidays? Do you envision making large-format prints to frame, or creating a wedding album? All these elements should be discussed and agreed upon in advance so you know what to expect post-wedding. Make sure they are giving you all the images and the edited images. Ask for the Rights or what are your rights?

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