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Branding Photography


Stand out photography that authentically captures you and your business brand. Realtors, Doctors, Coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and thought leaders come to me for beautiful marketing photos. But the thing they all talk about and share with other people is their photo shoot experience and how they felt during the photo shoot. I try to connect with each of my clients before even getting the camera out. I want to know your main reason for the photo shoot and what your looking for. I am passionate and open to whatever you need done. Its my job to make you look amazing and confident. Many also say that the experience of having me take their picture actually changed the way they see themselves. I think it’s because when someone is in front of my camera, I see how beautiful they are, and what makes them unique. Its already there, i just make you aware of it.

If you’re a small business, blogger, social influencer, interior designer, artist, teacher, photographer, coach, hairstylist, real estate agent, restaurant/brewery owner, lawyer, doctor, have your own clothing line or retail store, or anything else even remotely along these lines… you’re in the right place! We can do in studio sessions, outside sessions, or at your place sessions.

A Personal Branding Photography Shoot is for small or large business owners and entrepreneurs who want to use photography to help build their brand and online presence. Photos that truly show off your unique personality and style are so important to creating a brand, getting clients and growing your business. People aren’t just interested in what you’re selling, they’re interested in your WHY. So, let’s go behind the scenes to show them what you’re REALLY all about! 

The times they are changing, and so should your photos. In today’s fast–paced, digital world, people want to know who they are buying from. Who they are engaging with. Who they are consuming content from. You have a story needing to be told. Personal Brand Photography sessions tell that story.


Personal Brand Photography is telling the story of your brand through magazine-quality photos. And it’s also creating a photo shoot experience where you feel really good in your skin and in front of your clients or new clients. No matter how big or small your business is, we all need branding photos – either of ourselves or our products, etc… You’ve been working hard to grow your personal brand, so let’s get you those pictures to show off your fabulous style + personality! 

Less posing, more PLAY

When is it a good idea to invest in Personal Brand Photography?

I photograph entrepreneurs, coaches, and public figures and so many other business who want beautiful photos for their website, social media platforms, PR and other marketing collateral. Some people and businesses need photos on the regular and some businesses only need it once a year. Others have a key project – a book launch, the rollout of a new program, a rebrand – that’s driving their desire to have their picture taken. Others work with me because they want beautiful photos for their website or social media… You need lots + lots of content to share across several online platforms in an ongoing manner, so that you can finally STOP waking up in a panic wondering “what am I going to POST today?” Through trial + error, you have also discovered that the actual photos of YOU get ah-maaaaazing interaction!  

The point is, this is a custom-tailored experience, designed with one goal: get you comfortable, relaxed and being yourself in front of my camera, so I can capture what makes you unique. (If you don’t like having your picture taken, that’s okay. Many of my clients have told me that their photo shoot experience with me was the first time they ever felt like themselves in front of the camera. I’ve got your back always!) And if you don’t like a certain pose or action we are doing, then you tell me and we will try something else that works better for you. Every person is different.

Personal Brand Photography is a mixture of photojournalism, lifestyle, and portraiture created to communicate your personal brand and make a meaningful connection with your audience. They are personalized for you, showing your character, your environment, and what it is to work with you.

  • Use the photos on your website
  • Use the photos on your social media profiles
  • Use the photos in your email marketing
  • Use the photos on sales and landing pages
  • Use the photos in your email signature
  • Use the photos in press releases
  • Use the photos in any other marketing materials

Strengthen Your Brand

We live in a world where many people do what you do. At some point a standard headshot doesn’t do justice anymore. Before my personal brand photography sessions, I dig into who you are as a person and entrepreneur to help shape the session. The goal is to share your story, and to deliver enough imagery to keep you going for months. Connect with your clients on a personal level. Share your story with personal brand photography. Investing in high-quality, authentic photography is required if you want your visuals to play a crucial role in delivering the personality of your brand.

What’s a Story?

As an entrepreneur, you have many stories to tell about the man or woman behind your brand. One might be that you work from home, in which case we will take photos of you at your computer. Another might be that you love to cook with your children in your downtime, so we’ll get photos of that too. Whatever your story is, I’m here to capture it in a way that shows the person behind your brand authentically. And because there are so many sides of you: the strategist, the trendsetter, the spiritualist, the parent, the explorer, the sensualist, the best friend, the rule breaker – it’s important to you that your website photographs reflect every facet of who you are.

  • I’ll never look like those celebrities and models in the magazine. (Actually, you can. And you will.)
  • I’ve got nothing to wear. (That’s why I’ve got professional styling tips to guide you, every step of the way.)
  • I can’t do this. (Big breath. I’ll show you exactly how—hand-holding included.)

We’ll start with asimple questionnaire and visual branding strategy session to get clear on who your clients are, who you are, and what kind of brand statement you want to make. I’ll bring my visual marketing expertise to the table, so we can talk about how we’ll use your photo shoot to capture your personal style and share your message.

I’ll help you pull together the “look” you’re going for with custom brand styling—everything from wardrobe to location to props. You’ll also receive aphoto shoot prep package that tells you everything you need to know before your shoot. And because I’m such a hands-on gal, I’ll review outfit choices with you (even if you want to text me photos from the dressing room) and be available for unlimited support by email or texting right up to the day of your photo shoot!   You know showing up online as a powerful, confident boss is key to growing your business, attracting your dream clients, and bringing your vision-board fantasies to life.

Fun Facts About Photography


Blog posts with a photo every 100 or so words, get 2x more shares!


Visual content, like photos and videos, are shared 40% more on social media than anything else!


You’re likely to get 60% more inquiries if your photos show up in local search results.


Get 3 X more engagement on Facebook by sharing images!


You can get 40% additional Likes on Instagram by showing your face!


Your brain processes visual images 60,000 times faster than text!’


It’s time to stop using outdated headshots and low quality selfies form your phone. Don’t have your spouse photograph your photos, unless he or she is a trained professional who gets it. Personal brand photography is different than traditional family or wedding photography.  Commercial use also means your images will not have watermarks on them and you do not have to credit me when you use them, although I do appreciate it when that happens.

Personal branding photography + lifestyle photography for businesses, entrepreneurs and social influencers.

Headshots alone is not personal branding, but may contribute to your personal brand. Most people have at least two looks, like a bright fun image then a darker headshot image – for just a simple change.

Helping small businesses + entrepreneurs tell their visual stories so they can better connect with their clients.

Personal branding photography + lifestyle photography services
for businesses, entrepreneurs and social influencers

Do you STAND OUT? Whats your STORY?


Save time and book a photo shoot with us!

You can get hair and make up done, wardrobe styling done so your styling from top to bottom. If you have never done this before, no worries, you will not be weird or have no idea what to do or be awkward – we will have you covered. Your pictures will turn out amazing!

Place them throughout your website, on social media, newsletters, email blast, press releases, brochures, mailer, prints, marketing pieces, and rack cards! Replace your photos every 3-6 months so that people will see you updating and stay connected with you.

Some commercial jobs require live models and other elements that typically cost more than basic product photography. The number of final photos requirements, models used, travel expenses, retouching fees and specifics all can increase pricing.

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