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Product Photography – 360 turntable product photography and video’s

HD Photography offers both video and photography for your products. We can shoot just on a plain white background, use a manikin, or our new 360 turn table so all your clients online can see your products from a 360 turn. Either front to back or side to side or ALL angles. We can make customized videos or photos for your social media or website or presentations showing off your brand and products.

Our 360 turn table can hold up to 200 pounds and as wide as 5 ft. So needless to say we can shoot small or large products. We offer specials in our pricing, the more products – the cheaper the price is. We start giving discounts at 5 or more products. Email us for our product photography and videography pricing sheet.

360 product photography spins – GET A COMPLETE VIEW OF YOUR PRODUCT

Using a special turntable and photographic techniques, we shoot your product at precise intervals while rotating your product 360 degrees. This allows your customers to view your product from all angles around a single plane.

Most products are shot on all white – looking like a catalog style in a magazine. But if you want something different then we can get that covered for you. We can add in colors, props and decor with your products to make it stand out.

First impressions mean everything when it comes to online shopping. If your product lacks attractive visuals customers will be quick to find a competing product elsewhere. HD Photography 360 offers 3 ways to showcase your product: Still Shots, 360-Degree High Resolution Video, and 360-Degree Interactive Photos. With these options, you will not only engage customers with an eye-catching visual but provide an interactive online experience. 360° product photography gives online shoppers the feeling of seeing a product first-hand by displaying all angles of the products in an interactive format. Comparable to our interactive photos, customers will be able to see 360-degrees of your product on a continuous loop. 

This photo technology is perfect to utilize when working with:

  • eCommerce Sites
  • Amazon Listings
  • Trade-show Displays and more

For our product photography will ensure that every shot is a crystal-clear image of your product. With precision shooting, lighting, post color correction editing customers will be able to see every detail they’re looking for. 360º is a complete, easy-to use system for producing 360º interactive product presentations and distributing them online. It takes care of every step of the process, from object rotation and image sequence capture, through editing, to presentation export and publishing to a web server. We deliver high quality images to tight deadlines and on budget.

Here are some reasons to choose my photography services:
I am experienced in working within a range of market sectors, prices are highly competitive, affordable and packages are flexible, so shoots are arranged to suit you. 

With a compact & portable set-up I can work at your premises if preferable, or photograph items that are delivered to my studio.

  • Consistent High-End Photography
  • Professional Colour Managed Workflow
  • Straight Forward & Affordable Pricing
  • Helpful & Hassle Free
  • Guaranteed Deadline Delivery


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