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Restoration and Scanning Photography

Anyone have old photos of their family or friends or themselves, and need them restored? Are they torn, dis-colored, small format, etc.. We can take care of all these problems for you. We scan each image then we start restoring the image to its original image state. We make the original look amazing, more than most time, we make it better than the original image. We save these digital files for you so you can always use or print them in the future or in case you loose or something happens to it, we got your back! We can resize the image to a larger format print. We can print as many copies as you need. You will receive the original image then a printed version and then the digital version to your email. We can take faded old slides and negatives and bring them back to life.

Many of us have treasured old Black and White photos or sepia photos of loved ones that have seen the worse for wear. We can restore them to their former glory.

We can also use our high resolution cameras in the studio to photograph your paintings and drawings, either for reproduction and limited edition prints or just to keep an archive before you sell them.

Image Scanning, Photo Retouching & Restoration

Photo Scanning

Turn your old photos into digital ones! HD Photography features scanning services that can convert your old photos into digital pictures, perfect for printing, uploading to Facebook, or just to archive them.

Along with our Film & Slide Services, we can scan your old slides and negatives, converting them to digital files just like we can with old pictures.

Photo Restoration

Does that perfect photo of grandma and grandpa have a coffee satin? Maybe your wedding photos were damaged in a flood or fire.

HD Photography offers photo restoration. One of our digital artists will be able to bring your photo back to as original as possible.

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