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Global Glass Railings

We have photographed for global glass and railing in Atlanta and around Atlanta, GA. Global Glass Railings has proven to be a leader in the glass railing industry for custom design and installation. No matter what the system type; post, button, base, cable or your custom design, we are the fabrication and installation experts.

Exterior Photography

We offer Exterior Photography for all residential and commercial businesses. We photograph landscape photography, building photography, construction photography, real estate photography, pool photography, remodeling photography, aerial photography, architect photography, and so much more! We offer before and after pictures for each project. HD Photography will go to the project site and photograph workers working and the progress or any detail shots you can need for portfolio or marketing. Having portfolio images are important to any business and marketing online. We […]


We photograph Modern Interior, Classic Interiors, Architectural, and Commercial Photography. Interior Residential and Commercial Photography we always shoot with the perfect lighting and flashes. Whether we are trying to create a romantic lighting or traditional lighting. We also try panoramas for ultra-wide shots to give a large viewing of the room. Professional architectural and interior photographs are a great tool for getting your next job. Beautiful images trigger an emotional response – and emotion sells! From modern high-rises to glamorous […]

Hunting Photography

We cover all Hunting and fishing trips. We photograph hunting events, fishing events, and duck hunts. We cover your dogs in action while hunting, behind the scenes of your whole trip – documentary the event with their friends and family and children and guys weekend, hanging out in the deer stands, campfire bonding. We even photograph your child’s first time hunting or fishing. Whether you use a bow or gun, we will document your trip. We travel out west, out […]


College Graduation photography! YAY Congrats!! We cover the portraits, graduation events, and fun graduation family photos. We can photograph them at our studio or on location outside. I always suggest photographing them at the school you are graduating from. And don’t forget to wear your t-shirt or jersey with the school logo on it.. No matter what your college degree is, we will be there for you. You can be an accountant, doctor, lawyer, hair stylist, photographer, salesmen, marketing and […]