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On-Location Outside Photo Shoot Locations We go To:

Local Places we go to and photograph on location outside sessions: Best Places for Pictures: Piedmont park – Atlanta GA – wedding arbor, lakes with docks, over looks the whole city of atlanta, walking paths. Pooles Mill Park – Ballground GA – running water, big rocks leading into water, mini waterfall, coverage bridges Rope Mill Park – Woodstock GA – cover bridge, water bridge, park, lake with dock, walking paths in woods Downtown Woodstock Park – Woodstock GA – water […]


Evoke empathy through your photos No matter which sector within your business, linking what your company does to the person behind the action is essential. A potential customer must to feel comfortable choosing your company over another. The key to earning a customer’s trust is to be as honest as possible and put your staff at the forefront. Trust is a subjective feeling rather than a rational act. Empathy is instinctively triggered by human contact. Put your staff in their […]


Why it’s difficult to find the right photographer Finding the right corporate photographer to take photos of your company and your employees is an extremely complicated process. It takes time and organisation by the Office Manager, CEO, or COO. Not to mention the research to make sure that the photographer is experienced, professional, has the right equipment and is within your budget… In order to make sure you get the right corporate photographer you will need to do some interviews to work out their pricings, […]


Competition is high and keeping up with technology isn’t always as easy as it looks. However, in order to stay in the game, all aspects count, most importantly the photography involved in the presentation of the listing. The quality of your photos play a lot on the leads you make and the decisions of your customers. Especially since 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual.Only 35% of agents use professional photographer. Get one up on your competition. However, I get that it’s […]

How To Make Real Estate Listing That SELL!!

Photos are the real key to any listing when it comes to gaining traffic and getting visits. Did you know that 41% of visitors who look at a real estate ad ignore text to focus on photos? And that 60% of the time spent on an ad is spent on photos? In this context it may seem difficult or near impossible to sell real estate without good pictures. Here we present you with a few of the keys elements needed for property photography […]

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